We are turning our obsession with fibers and learning new crafts in to an artistic adventure, and we want to bring you along!

We are excited to share our experiences and know-how about crochet with you! Patterns, tutorials and some deep dives into the approach we take when planning a project or picking colors. Whether you are just starting out or looking for tips and tricks we hope you will find what you need on our blog.  We want to make the process more fun, and help your projects turn out just a bit cleaner!


As two process-focused crafters, we LOVE getting to learn new ways of doing things! Its probably why we are obsessed with crochet; we can make it up as we make it!

Dye and Spin

Although this is a newer craft for us, it is quickly becoming a priority! Join us on the journey of learning more about dyeing and spinning yarns! We are developing our best colors and techniques for consistency so these can become products we can offer!


We have found so much use and fun in bullet journals and planners, and are excited to find how these can be used as tools for our crafting. From gift making lists to a stash index, let's explore the options together!

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