As we enter the last week of Witchtober it is time to get ready for November and family times, but also time to do the full illustrations from the Witchtober prompts!

As you probably read in my last post, I have been chipping away at a daily prompt list for October that is entirely witch themed. I did do it with a few twists-rolling to randomize prompts and sketching out ideas- but now it is time to turn my sketches or concepts into fully-colored illustrations! I am planning on doing one representative piece from each week; most likely in watercolor.

Some examples of watercolor paintings I’ve done lately.

As far as videos go, I still have some flip through videos to get through (I had to bring my computer in to be fixed so I will have to put up week 3 and 4 at the same time) before I start in on the illustrations, which I intend to do as real-time ‘paint with me’ videos. Because there are five weeks in October, there will be five videos in this format that will be posted through November. An extension of spooky season.

I have plans for the next step but will wait to announce those in December.

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