Choosing my first professional paints

Welcome to 2021! Are you as excited as I am to be done with all the garbage of 2020? Well, one thing from 2020 is having a positive effect on me this year! I was gifted my very first set of professional watercolor paints for my birthday (in December). I picked out the 10 colors […]

What happens next?

As we enter the last week of Witchtober it is time to get ready for November and family times, but also time to do the full illustrations from the Witchtober prompts! As you probably read in my last post, I have been chipping away at a daily prompt list for October that is entirely witch […]

Witchtober 2020

October has been an exciting month for pretty much forever, but it is a special month for artists! It started with Inktober, a daily art challenge where you work from a prompt list and do an ink illustration every day in October. This grew into such an exciting way to make art interactive and exciting […]

Hello, world! It’s Kat.

I have been using the pen name Zilvmay for about… FIFTEEN YEARS!? That name meant so many things to me for so long and was even a shared name with one of my characters. It was oftentimes my only connection to art while I pushed through working full time and living alone and struggling for […]